Tools for Success


Tools for Success

Tools for Success teaches critical skills in the construction industry.

About The Course

The NCCER Tools for Success workbook 3rd Edition includes class-room activities to help students navigate their way through intangible workplace issues such as conflict resolution, diversity, problem-solving, professionalism, and proper communications techniques.

Course Information

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Module 1:  First Impressions-Getting a Job

Module 2:  Professionalism-Keeping you Job

Module 3:  Building a Strong Relationship with Your Supervisor

Module 4:  Teamwork-Getting Along with Your Co-Workers

Module: 5:  Diversity in the Workplace

Module 6:  Communication Skills-Listening and Speaking

Module 7:  Communication Skills-Reading and Writing

Module 8:  Managing Stress on the Job

Module 9:  Thinking Critically and Solving Problems

Module 10:  Resolving Conflict

Module 11:  Giving and Receiving Criticism

Module 12:  Sexual Harassment

Module 13:  Substance Abuse